Michael B. Kramer & Associates has, for over 40 years, maintained a strong history of providing a full range of legal services to a diverse group of clients that began with Mr. Kramer's foray in entertaiment law. We have represented clients in all aspects of the music, film, theatrical, and media businesses including litigating complex copyright infringement, royalty and distribution actions and negotiating phonorecord, music publishing and motion picture agreements of all kinds.  Mr. Kramer and his staff has negotiated agreements and litigated matters for and/or with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, BMG, Virgin, Sony, Universal Music Group, Young Money Entertainment, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Jon, Afropunk, and Lewis Hamilton.  MBK&A has also acted as a producer and production attorney in connection with concerts, films and theatrical productions including, George Harrison & Friends' The Concert for Bangladesh, The Greek Tycoon, Edward Albee’s The Man Who Had Three Arms and Joseph Bologna and Renee’ Taylor’s It Had to Be You.

MBK & A also represents developers, contractors, and architects with respect to the purchase, zoning, permitting and development of real estate, the construction and leasing of facilities and the financing of those activities. We also represent retailers, real estate investors and property managers in the purchase, financing, leasing, management, operation and sale of real estate assets.

MBK & A serves the full spectrum of clients in the real estate industry, including: property owners and managers, contractors and subcontractors, suppliers, architects and engineers, landlords and tenants in residential and commercial lease disputes, and lenders and borrowers in mortgage loans and foreclosures.

MBK & A also serves a broad array of clients in matters related to trusts and estates, corporate law, matrimonial disputes, and general commercial litigation.  Additionally, MBK & A is well versed in handling complex litigations in both New York Sttate and Federal Courts, along with arbitrations and mediations before the AAA, ICC, and JAMS.  

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